Wholesale online store of fabrics and accessories Toptex is a major supplier and market leader in light industry.

Our company can provide any volumes of necessary products. Over the years, Toptex managed to establish itself as a reliable partner, supplier of exceptionally high-quality products, seller of goods at affordable prices. Toptex carries out wholesale trade both within the framework of an online store, and in physical regional centers. A huge amount of goods in the online catalog will allow you to choose for yourself or your business all the necessary fabrics or accessories.

Fabrics and accessories wholesale and retail

Our catalog contains hundreds of products of the highest quality with different pricing policies. The main products for wholesale are: fabrics and accessories. The fabrics presented in the catalog are divided by type: coat fabrics, raincoat jackets, furs, knitwear, lining fabrics, and many others. All fabrics are sold exclusively in bulk in rolls. Having chosen the fabric you like, you can request its cost from the manager, the employees of our company will promptly contact you and offer a favorable cost and terms of cooperation. In addition to fabrics, accessories are widely represented in our catalog, namely: stripes, snakes, threads, runners, lace, elastic bands, laces, ribbons, pearls, tags, and much more. For sewing production and for sewing clothes in general, the quality of the fittings is of great importance, because even using the best fabric with low-quality fittings, you will not get decent work. The overall appearance and the service life of the clothes depending on the quality of the fittings. Cheap and non-certified fittings make clothes generally unappealing, can cause allergies, and cause other unpleasant situations.

Buying fabric and accessories in our online store, you are guaranteed to receive the most favorable conditions for cooperation, delivery, good competitive prices, and, most importantly, high-quality and reliable goods that can be used to produce any type of clothing. All products are certified and have confirmation of passing examinations, which gives you a guarantee about its quality. Toptex online store cooperates with customers in large, medium, and small wholesale. Depending on the amount of purchased goods, a price is formed for you. The store constantly has discounts and promotions, which allows you to get quality goods at a very low price.

Our managers daily monitor the market of the beauty industry in order to timely provide you with the latest in fabrics and accessories. Working with our products you can not worry about the result. Buying wholesale fabrics and accessories at Toptex, you are guaranteed success in your work.